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Work from anywhere — live the digital nomad lifestyle or work from the couch… whatever works for you, works for us. This is influencer entrepreneurship — all without the risk.

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How does it work? Discover how to earn with listsocial!

  1. Register with listsocial
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  3. Share, email properties to your network Using your unique link
  4. Buyers bid using your link/code
  5. Seller accepts bid
  6. You get paid! It's that simple.

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There's never been an easier time to earn! Using our unique sales process you can earn with listsocial.

Crowd Seller

Utilise your social network to share and promote properties of interest. If someone in your network becomes the successful new owner of that property, using your unique crowd seller property link, you get paid the property incentive - it’s that simple!


If Sellers choose to not host their own private inspections, they may wish to book a Host to conduct an inspection on their behalf. This is organised and booked through the listsocial platform. As a Host, you get to choose which suburbs you want to service.

Crowd Selling with listsocial. How easy is it to earn with listsocial?

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FAQs We're here to help.

Who can become a Crowd Seller?

Absolutely anyone who has a network of people they know that they can utilise! This can be friends, family, work colleagues, business associates, clients, as well as Followers on social media platforms. You must be an Australian resident, minimum of 16 years of age, and are legally allowed to earn income in Australia. You must provide sufficient identification, proving you meet our requirements to become a Crowd Seller.

How do I earn money by becoming a Crowd Seller?

When a property is listed on listsocial, a Crowd Seller Incentive is created based on the price braket of the listing - a reward for finding them a successful Buyer. It is up to you, however, to choose which properties you wish to promote, which could be dependent on how much incentive is on offer.

Does it cost anything to become a Crowd Seller?

No. Registration is free, and there are no annual fees. However, we do take a 20% fee out of each incentive transaction to you, to cover administration costs.

Does that mean I become an employee of listsocial?

No, you technically become a contractor to listsocial. We provide you with a paid monthly invoice, indicating any revenue that you have earned for the past month. You are responsible for all your own accounting requirements, including commitments to paying any relevant tax or superannuation, etc. If you are still unsure about your accounting responsibilities, we recommend you seek professional accounting advice beforehand.

How do I go about getting paid?

Part of the registration process is nominating your preferred Australian bank account details where you would like your incentives to be deposited.

When do I get paid?

Crowd Seller Incentives are not paid out until the property has settled. This could be anywhere from 30 - 120 days after the property has sold. In some rare cases, settlement may not occur due to particular circumstances on the Buyer’s behalf. If settlement does not occur and the sale is not finalised, you don’t get paid.

We process and pay out Crowd Seller Incentives monthly, where you will receive a paid invoice for any incentives that have settled in that past month.

What if my buyer doesn’t use my crowd seller link or my unique crowd seller ID code to purchase a property i have promoted to them?

When your buyer clicks on your crowd seller link to view property details, the listsocial platform will automatically record your unique ID code on the device your buyer is using to view the property. If your buyer purchases this property, using your unique crowd seller ID, it will ensure you get paid your incentive when the property has settled.

If your buyer is logged in to their user account, and clicks on your crowd seller link, we are able to track their activity on our platform, enabling us to connect your unique ID code for that specific property to their account, across any device.

However, if your buyer is new to listsocial and does not have an active user account or are not logged in, your crowd seller code will only remain active on that specific device.

Your unique ID code will remain automatically attached to that specific property in your buyer’s user account for 60 days. This does not stop, however, your buyer from using a different crowd seller’s link for the same property to buy!

At the end of the day, whichever crowd seller’s link a buyer clicks on and uses to place a bid on a particular property, it will lock in that crowd seller’s unique ID code for any additional bids, and the remainder of the property’s campaign. It will be this crowd seller that gets paid the incentive if the buyer’s purchase is successful. This is why it is very important, as a crowd seller, to properly promote and communicate to your network the importance of creating a user account on listsocial straight away, and on how to go about purchasing a property that you have promoted.

What if I am not on social media? Can I still become a Crowd Seller?

Absolutely! Whether it be through a mass email or text message out to your whole network, you will be able to copy and paste in your specific crowd seller property link in your message, which will take them directly to that specific property on our platform. However, due to the ability and ease to share information to a large number of people very quickly, we do recommend you create a social media account, at least on Facebook, purely to maximise your promoting and earning potential.

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