Can Colour Help Sell Your Home?

Colour psychology is not an exact science, but there are basic principles that marketing pros use to sell everything from greeting cards to cars. Much of it has to do with colour. Yes, the colours you put on your walls, or on your front door, can help clinch a home sale!

Humans have emotional reactions to colour, and sensory perceptions of colour are remarkably consistent. Even though individual reactions can vary, it is acknowledged that some colours evoke generally positive response, while others typically generate a negative reaction. Learning the basics of colours can be as simple as studying the colour wheel. Forget about the trends, and rely on your own feelings.

Warm and Cool Colours
All colours are derived from three primary hues: Red, yellow and blue. The way they are mixed and combined results in all the colours of the spectrum, divided into warm and cool tones. And that's where it can get a bit complicated: Humans are able to perceive millions of different colour variations, and subtle differences can result in unique reactions. 
So, while the simple answer to whether colour influences buying decisions is a qualified yes, there is more to the story. Neutral tones are often recommended because they allow people to add their own colour personality. 

Colour Dynamics
Both on a home's exterior and inside each room, colour plays an important part in attracting -- or discouraging -- potential buyers, so if you're thinking of refreshing your home's colour scheme before listing it for sale, it's wise to study the basics of colour psychology. The goal is to appeal to the widest possible pool of buyers, and that's why real estate agents tend to recommend staying with neutrals.
But the "safe" route is not necessarily the only path to a quick sale. Take the time to drive different suburbs and visit display homes. Take note of exterior trim colours that seem especially appealing. Study interiors: Look beyond the furnishings and visualise rooms as they would appear empty. Analyse different colour options, and notice that the most appealing homes typically have a unifying theme. That doesn't mean that every room is the same colour, but simply that colour choices throughout the home are related and always compatible.

Develop a Plan
By taking the time to assess your reactions to different colours, you can assist your real estate agent to market your home. If you love energetic red, consider painting your entry door and adding red accents in many of your rooms.
On the other hand, if sunny yellow makes you feel happy, emphasise that mood with variations of cream and warm golden tones, with accents of daffodil or saturated sunflower yellow throughout.
Colour is very personal, just like a home. If your home reflects your unique personality, it will no doubt appeal to others.